The Chef



     I’m Chef Vince a seasoned veteran of highly regarded kitchens such as Dirt Candy NYC, Soho House NY, Donna’s (Cross Keys), Old Homestead Steakhouse NY, and many more. My time in the kitchen began at the age of two; clinging to my mother’s knee. However, it was many years before I came to learn the many skills and life lessons that it takes to turn a good cook into a great Chef.

Over the years I have distilled all of this learning down to three core virtues that are the foundation of any successful kitchen. Teamwork, Planning, and Practice. These core virtues are more than just a list of words. They are a way of life. After all, being a Chef is a way of life. It’s something you eat, sleep, and breathe. But, let’s face it. Not everyone wants to be a Chef. Some people just want to make great food and grow their business. So, it is with this in mind that I am offering my wealth of knowledge and experience to all of you.

I have designed this site to be a feast for your eyes. All of the food photos are original dishes prepared and photographed by me. Also to note is my blog ‘At The Work Table’. It is a bi-weekly posting where you can gain some insight into my latest creations, inspirations, and happenings in the kitchen. So, pull up a chair and browse the menu. I’m sure there will be something to whet your appetite.

Bon appetite!

Chef Vince