In my opinion, great food does not need to be in any way complicated. Often times the absolute best dishes in the world are comprised of very few ingredients that have been expressed in a way that says something. Additionally, there is often an element of duality in balance in the great dishes of the world. Like the sweetness of summer corn together with the richness of salted butter. Or the tangy sweetness of a lemon bar.

At home I follow a largely pescetarian diet, and I’ll be the first to admit that it took a long while to become accustomed to it. The main reason behind this was the lack of flavor on the plate. At least at first. After much research, trial and error, I started to discover true flavor and what it really is. I discovered that flavor is the experience of food through all of our senses. It’s the plain yet enticing smell of rice cooking, just as much as it is the site of red ripe tomatoes in the sun. It is the soothing warmth of a great cup of tea, and the sound of fish frying. Flavor is all of these things because we really are what we eat, and we eat with more than just our mouths. So, with that in mind. I strive to create spectacular dining experiences not only for myself, but most importantly for my clients and their customers. Whether it’s a simple snack or a huge feast. Therefore, my cooking tends to be clean, unpretentious, and jam packed with flavor. Which is exactly how I like my kitchens to be as well.

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Flavor Inspirations

Want hot pink blackberry salad dressing to match your logo? Sure, no problem! Think pumpkin tuna salad might work for the fall menu? Why not!?!      When it comes to flavor. The possibilities are endless. The reality is that we all have our favorite dishes, but there are some that we all love in very … Continue reading Flavor Inspirations

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking

Vegetarian and vegan cooking is the next biggest thing in food. With many people looking for appetizing ways to incorporate healthy foods into their diets. There are many fun ways to explore this ancient way of cooking. Not to mention. It can be a great way to give your wallet a break at the grocery … Continue reading Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking


I love baking as much as I love cooking. It is almost an act of meditation in a lot of ways, but let’s be honest. It is the end result that we are all waiting for. There is no substitute for freshly baked anything. Around my house it’s not unusual to smell fresh pitas baking or … Continue reading Baking


I didn’t really grow up eating candy all that much, but I do enjoy making it every now and then. Candied fruits, taffy, hard candies, gummy candy, candy bars, chocolates, you name it and I’ve made it. Now I will admit that candy making in general can require a considerable amount of time and patience. … Continue reading Confections